Error 2016: Information Overload

Infobesity: Just as our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, our interest can be significantly greater than our brain capacity. – Saga Briggs

What are you doing right now?

Wait. Let me rephrase that.

How much are you doing right now? Really.

As I type this, I have 6 others tabs open, my phone next to me and Atley is on his tablet.

It’s taking longer than it probably should for me to write this post because I’m kind of watching Ferris Bueller and kind of flipping in between blogging and editing a video.

I stop every time Atley laughs, he shows me a funny video and I try again to find my place within these four screens.

But I’m constantly at war with my attention span. I’ll put on a movie, watch it for 15 minutes, pick up my phone to check a text and suddenly the credits are rolling and I’m 75 weeks deep into a friend of a friend’s woman crush Wednesday’s sister’s Instagram because her eyebrow game is strong af.

Facebook. Scroll. Refresh. Twitter. Scroll. Refresh. Instagram. Scroll. Refresh. Snapchat. Open. Refresh. Email. Scroll. Refresh.


Anyone else? Anyone?

Atley was getting brain-y on me the other day and explained that when babies get overwhelmed from information overload, they cry and fall asleep from being overstimulated.

So like every college student I know.

We all just want to cry and sleep and sometimes don’t know why. But it makes sense. Not only do we have information coming at us that we have to force ourselves to retain, we live in a world where information is coming at us from every angle.


Your smartphone is a constant stream of information and it’s addicting. The latest and the greatest is at our fingertips and you just have to keep swiping down to be all-knowing.

I get it. If I miss it on a trend, I panic a little. I’m getting old. I’m out of touch. What year is it?


The obsession with knowing what’s going on, who’s texting us, who is commenting on our latest selfie can sometimes outweigh our will to pay attention to anything less current. Who wants to learn about psychology when the group chat is lit.

But are we learning less by taking in more?

Society is developing a habit of extreme multi-tasking which is making us less productive.

This worries me. With more courses switching to online, how educated will next generations be? If I can’t watch an entire movie without falling into my phone’s abyss, how will someone educate themselves online with the infinite search possibilities?

So how do we beat it?

Unplug. No, not forever. We’re not savages.

But just unplug for a few minutes a day, a few times a day. Give your brain a break.






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